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All students worldwide sometimes face the problem that they can not cope with their scientific tasks. They are looking for help with acquaintances, relatives and friends. Fortunately, there is a service that deals with various academic work and achievements. Grademiners.de is pleased to introduce you to our ghostwriting agency. We correct, proofread and write scientific papers in German and English.

For years we offer a wide range of services of the highest quality. For us, any topic in the field of law, criminal law, project management, social science, etc. no problem. Our authors are professional and have great writing experience. With us you can order a home, seminar, bachelor and master thesis. The prices are very affordable.

What is homework? Writing a scientific paper is the preparatory stage of your thesis. In this way you can practice research and writing. You will learn correct citation, subject-specific questions u.a.m. Before writing, you should find a suitable topic and literature sources. The apt topic should be of your interest so that you can deeply immerse yourself in it. For the literature search fit (online) catalogs of the University Library, scientific newspapers and magazines as well as other accessible databases.

One should not underestimate the structure of a homework. It is quite complicated and consists of: introduction, main part and conclusion. This includes cover page, contents and bibliography. First, pay attention to the structure – it is the foundation of your homework.

Keep the thread, make your argument stringent and apt. A well-developed outline is half the way. Also important is the literature search. It should be done in the beginning, so you can come up with interesting ideas and concepts. Imagine problem solving at the beginning and possible ways to do so.

If you are unfamiliar with the selected knowledge area, our ghostwriters are at your disposal. They support you during the writing process, advise on all questions and write for you.

Help with structure, introduction or conclusion of the homework
Our authors create works from the outline to the final product. Since the outline comes first, we have put together a list of tips for you based on the great experience of our ghostwriters:

Outline of the introduction

  • Introduction to the topic
  • Explanation of the question
  • research status
  • swell
  • objective
  • methods
  • Outline of the main part
  • Deepening into the topic
  • Definitions of main concepts
  • Processing of theoretical concepts
  • Review of the hypotheses
  • Existing sources
  • research results
  • Assessment of the results
  • Checking the red thread in the text
  • Outline of the trailer
  • summary of results
  • Conclusion
  • Possible future development of research
  • Help with the construction of homework
  • If it seems to you that the outline is very fast to create, you should check yourself again and pay attention to details. At the end of the writing you dive deep into the structure and correct all the details. Since you have a checklist before submission:
  • The chain of reasoning should be logical and comprehensible;
  • Note that all sections of the text belong to the overall text and logically follow each other;
  • Theory is good – but practice better: cover your theoretical part with empirical examples;
  • Check the coherence of the text. Make the transition from one chapter to another fluid and unobtrusive;
  • Also check the meaning of the text.
  • This list can cause real difficulties and panic. Especially if you are on the verge of giving an “immature” job. Our ghostwriters will help you correct and check everything. They deal with spelling, the right format, academic language and scientific style. Your university templates, wishes and instructions are well respected. Our ghostwriting service can save you a lot of time, facilitate the scientific writing process and also teach you a lot. During the preparation you will be constantly advised and accompanied by an expert. So you can learn with us writing and research as well as get a good grade and be successful!

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